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We're back for another exciting year of Heritage Hustlers!


This free run program is for all students at Heritage Elementary and takes place during Tuesday and Thursday lunch recess with a mapped-out course on the playground. This is completely optional, but a great opportunity to get moving, track their progress with fun milestone tokens, and just enjoy the physical activity! The goal is to get kids active and EVERYONE gets to be part of this club!

Some of the acknowledgments and celebrations are:

  • Charm for every 2 miles ran - Charms will go on lanyards provided.

  • Marathon finishers (26 miles ran) will get:

    • Special marathon token for their lanyard

    • Marathon finisher t-shirt

    • Medal (donated from the Des Moines marathons)

    • Their photo up on the run club bulletin board (in the gym)

    • Recognized on stage at the end of year school assembly

    • And their name entered in the end of year marathon finisher grand prize drawing

  • End of year marathon finisher prize drawing: All students who complete a marathon during the 23-24 school year will get their name entered in a drawing for one $25 Amazon gift card, one $50 Amazon gift card, and one $100 Amazon gift card!

  • Classroom competition: A the end of the year, the classroom from each grade with the most collective miles ran will receive a class trophy. The class with the most across all grades will receive the mega trophy!

Check our our amazing progress this year from our Heritage Hustlers Facebook page.


This is a parent volunteer-run activity, so keep an eye out for the volunteer slots on the My Impact app. If you are interested in helping with the Heritage Hustlers, you will need a valid background check and signed volunteer handbook on the District website HERE.  

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