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We have an exciting opportunity for your child (ren).  The PTO and Mrs. Cogdill are excited to announce that starting Sept. 27, 2022 - Nov. 17, 2022 students will be able to participate in Heritage Hustlers during Tuesday and Thursday lunch recess with a mapped-out course on the playground.  This is completely optional, but a great opportunity to run and a system that will track students' progress and the miles they run and just enjoy the physical activity! The goal is to get kids active and EVERYONE gets to be part of this club!

Some of the acknowledgments and celebrations are:

  • Charm for every 5 miles ran - Charms will go on lanyards provided.

  • 1st marathon: Blow horn/t-shirt (different colored shirt each year)

    • Bulletin board for all to see - Each kid that finishes gets their picture taken with the shirt on. 

  • 2nd marathon: Water bottle

  • 3rd marathon: Cinch bags

  • 4th marathon: $25 Gift Card to store of choice

  • Celebration at the end of the year. 


This will be a parent volunteer-run activity, so we are calling all parents who would like to volunteer.  If you are interested in helping with the Heritage Hustlers, you can fill out the volunteer form on the District website HERE.  

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