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Add lunch money to your account, pay school fees


See what's for breakfast and lunch each day

Infinite Campus:

Register for classes, see teacher assignments, bus schedules, test scores and more

district calendar:

Year long district calendar

School Hours:

View school hours for all buildings and weather-related hours

Heritage Elementary:

Heritage specific page on the district's website

Ankeny Schools: 

District Page

School Supply list: 

District Page for all grades basic supply list. Other supplies may be required per teacher's request.

Thank you notes: 

Help us celebrate the large or small efforts of staff members! 

Background Check & Volunteer Handbook: 

It is a requirement of the District that all volunteers MUST complete a background check (once every 5 years) AND sign the handbook yearly. This new volunteer hub called Better Impact that will become the one-stop-shop for all volunteer opportunities in the district. You will be able to see every way to get involved in the district through this portal which is accessed through the district website.

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