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Are you interested in helping plan a school event, become a committee chair, or help with some school prep work?

If you are, register at the below sign ups.

Committee Sign-up

Interested in helping plan an event for the school, or becoming a committee chair to support the school this year? Use the sign-up below.


School Support/Prep Sign-up

Have a little extra time to help with some school prep items including cutting lamination, book returns, restocking, teacher prep, etc.? Use the sign-up below.


There are a variety of volunteer opportunities!

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities, please email us at

When volunteering AT the school during school hours, all volunteers MUST read and sign the District's volunteer handbook (yearly) and submit a background check (once every 5 years).  If these two items are not completed, you will not be able to volunteer (please note, that the background check process may take up to two weeks).

There is a new volunteer hub called, Better Impact that will become the one-stop-shop for all volunteer opportunities in the district. You will be able to see every way to get involved in the district through this portal which is accessed through the district website linked below.

Volunteer Handbook and Background Check

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